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Don’t Pee In My Dating Pool is so candid, yet written with a self-deprecating humor that will have you nodding your head. We’ve all been there. We’re just not all brave enough to put it on paper for the world to see. Ms. Lee’s stories provoked my own memories of relationships past, good and bad. Regardless of the outcome, she reminds us that each experience can teach us something, whether it’s what we do or don’t want in a partner or some truth about ourselves. Overall, the thing I like the best is that she never gives up on love.

– Shari P.

What People are Saying

I am completely drawn in and want to know what happens next, who does she date and what does she learn from this one? Laura has a very natural story telling voice and although there is plenty of laugh out loud humor she also has me invested in the seriousness of her journey and who she will become.  

– Amy L.

Don’t Pee In My Dating Pool is so candid, yet written with a self-deprecating humor that will have you nodding your head. We’ve all been there. We’re just not all brave enough to put it on paper for the world to see. 

– Shari P.

I loved it!  This book is so relatable for anyone that has ever been single as an adult…and especially at different stages in life. The emotions and experiences hit me right in my soul. The way she put them to music is how we often reflect back on certain times in our lives. Dating is challenging and her stories allowed me to feel comfort in knowing i wasn’t losing my mind!  

– Michelle D.

Very good read!  I enjoyed this perspective so much.  I am at the opposite end of the dating pool.  I married my high school sweet first love. I was very curious and captivated every single page! What a hidden talent you have Laura! I'm so happy and excited for you to share with everyone!


– Karie R.

I very much related to your stories and have also been in the dating “pool” a few times and at different ages.  It is true that women are each other’s worst critics, and tend to judge each other, having never walked in each other’s shoes. This book gives women who have gone through similar situations validation and gives women who haven’t gone through some of these scenarios, insight. 

– Kelly V.

As a reader she made me feel that I was not alone or selfish.  I made a few of those mistakes along the way - then the guilt that followed.  Her no-nonsense business approach is realistic and encouraging.  She changed my thought process and how I view dating in this age of swipe left - swipe right.  This is a refreshing approach to dating - an honest assessment of dating beyond college- and a  breath of fresh air.

– Mary M.

Laura Lee has 20+ years of real-world “adult” dating experience. This book is not theoretical or academic – it’s the real deal!


Over her dating career, she took copious notes and committed dates, long-term relationships and even one-night stands to memory. On the following pages, you’ll laugh, definitely think what the hell, and maybe cry a bit too.


Don’t Pee in My Dating Pool is Laura’s account only and is told from her perspective. And yes, she knows she is not everyone’s cup of tea – in fact, she’s more like a bitter cup of straight black coffee–but hey, what you see is what you get, and you’ll understand that early on.


Throughout the pages you may see yourself, or even a friend, while other excerpts might seem foreign. Either way, Laura genuinely hopes that some of her experiences will help you avoid some pitfalls, save your precious resources, and help you discover some dating skills you can put into action.


At the very least, her dating journey will show you that you are not alone. Dating is not for the faint of heart but if your goal is a long-term, lifelong companion and partner in crime, you’ve got to get a little dirty – like a delicious, filthy, dirty martini.


Lessons, Laughter, and Love


Don’t Pee in My Dating Pool is a raw and honest accounting of the challenges of modern dating.  Laura’s perspectives as a divorcee, widow and mother navigating the dating scene gives a perspective that likely resonates with others on the dating scene. I congratulate her on pulling together this courageous collection of stories.  

– Lisa S.


What This Book is NOT

  • How to catch a guy

  • Men bashing

  • Dating coaching

  • Flowery


What This Book IS

  • Vulnerable

  • Honest

  • Real life

  • Direct

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