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Learn how to master the business of dating

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Let your dating partners know you mean business

Swipe left on outdated ideas about dating and relationships. The Dating Splash is about helping people develop a results-driven, business-minded approach to finding your person.

This page turner will help you turn the page on your love life.

This book is not theoretical or academic – it’s the real deal! Laura Lee shares her 20 years of real-world “adult” dating experience. It's guaranteed to make you laugh and maybe cry a bit, too. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, in a relationship or none of the above, this story is for everyone. 


Don't just hope for a great relationship. Plan for one.

Do you have a strategy for your dating journey? Follow the prompts to uncover 1) your why, 2) about you, 3) about them, and 4) your budget to construct an actionable dating plan that's just for you!


Trust me, I've been there. Now it's time to share.

Hi, I'm Laura Lee. After years of treading the dating waters with no end in sight, I decided to apply my experience in business and branding to my love life, and the results were spectacular. I'd love to share everything I've learned with you!

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